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Don't Forget the Garage Door!
Probably the most vulnerable opening in your home

Because garage doors are so big -- usually the single biggest opening in your home -- and because most old doors are so weak, the survival of your garage door is very important to the survival of your home.  Experience has shown in older houses that when garage doors fail in hurricane winds, a lot of additional damage follows.  When you are evaluating your house for its vulnerability to hurricanes,  you need to look at your garage door as one of the first and most important vulnerabilities.  Older garage doors and new ones that are not pressure rated are highly susceptible to wind damage, including buckling, twisting of the tracks and failure due to impact from windborne debris.  Doors can be pushed in by winds blowing onto the door or pulled out as winds whip around the corner of the house where the door is located.

Don't let this happen to you!        

Protect yourself with Garage Door Bracing
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